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Accounting insights the way you want THEM.

Our service offering is driven by ‘conscious accounting’; this means that we are focused on the entire spectrum of our clients’ finances, in an ethical and holistic manner. Our philosophy is that we do business with people.


Accounting is more than financial statements; we understand that your money must work for you and not the other way around. Each person’s relationship with money will vary because each person is different; At By Numbers we take each case individually and help better our clients’ relationship with their finances.


By Numbers places great emphasis on innovation fuelled by our energy and passion for remarkable financial insight.


Your financial innovation is our priority, so you can worry less about your accounting and focus more on growing your business.

"We have been clients of By Numbers Accounting for a few years now and what distinguishes them from many accountants is the pro-active approach they provide us with in terms of advising how to manage our operations efficiently. For example, through the recent implementation of the Xero accounting package, many processes have been streamlined and we are able to download up to date reports when needed which assists with the efficient monitoring and management of our business. Despite the efficiency with which day to day accounting tasks are completed, By Numbers constantly monitors technological developments to improve our accounting processes. With constant improvements to our invoicing system and regular reports to clients, cash flow has been improved. Given our continued growth, it has been essential to interact with a responsive accounting team led by an experienced Chartered Accountant and highly experienced support staff."

Gregory Whittaker/ Algorithm 

"By Numbers has been more than just accountants for us, they have been true partners. They have helped us navigate difficult situations regarding tax, payroll and VAT with ease and clarity. They have provided us with insight to make the best decisions at the right time. They have kept us compliant when we were heading down the wrong path, before we created problems for ourselves. Every encounter was prompt, timely and attended to in a way that made us feel valued and understood. Really a company that will walk the road with you and invested in understanding your business. Knowledgeable and Friendly. Worth the recommendation."

Phillip Harmse / Inkfish Digital Marketing 

Our Story

Nadine Moses started By Numbers in 2015, following 30 years in the corporate space. By Numbers aims at bringing people back into business practices by providing excellent, individual results based on sound, ethical accounting practices and shifting how people perceive money. Nadine is joined by a solid team of like-minded individuals with a passion for customer service and advice.

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