Our Services

By outsourcing your accounting, your financial innovation becomes our priority so you

can spend less time on your accounting and focus more on growing your business.

By Numbers offers the following expert services:


Accounting Services
Fully or partially outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services includes monthly processing customer invoices, supplier invoices, bank reconciliations, monthly management accounts, catchup work, online banking services, accounting software solutions and software training.
Business Taxation
We can take care of all your tax requirements across the multiple tax types, including income tax, provisional tax, capital gains tax (CGT), VAT and dividends tax to name a few ensuring you are tax compliant.
Payroll administration and complying with the numerous tax and labour laws can be very time consuming and costly. We will ensure the timely issue of payslips, will submit all your EMP201s, EMP501s, UIF returns and WCA return of earnings and provide you with IRP5s at the end of the tax year.
Personal Tax
We can take care of all your personal tax requirements including income tax, provisional tax returns, audits and queries to name a few, ensuring you are tax compliant.
Trust Administration
We will guide you through a unique process to ensure that all your trust administration and tax obligations are met. Our service offering can be tailored to suite your needs including annual tax returns, provisional tax returns, and compilation of Annual Financial Statements to name a few, ensuring you are compliant.


Preparation and Review of Financial Statements
Compilation of financial statements to all entities and independent review services.
Management and Shareholder Reporting
We tailor managerial accounting reports to help business owners and managers monitor the company’s performance and are prepared frequently throughout. We customise provisional financial statements, management accounts, special purpose financial and other reports.
Project Reporting
We customise financial reports specifically to track the financial progress of projects, which can then be used by managers to aid project management.


Risk Analysis
We can work with you to highlight any additional high-risk areas that you may wish to have an independent and professional set of eyes look at and thereby tailor a value adding audit approach to meet your needs.
We provide insight so you can understand what your business or asset is worth.
Tax Planning
We offer insight, guidance and structuring within the parameters of the current legislation to achieve the most efficient cash out from hard earned salaries and business earnings.